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RunGo is a fabulous app that will guide you step-by-step along your FitRoute adventure. Once you have downloaded the app onto your mobile phone it will use GPS technology to pinpoint your location and talk you around the route turn by turn. It will even tell you when you have finished and save your achievement for posterity.
Getting Started with RunGo
Install the RunGo app onto your mobile phone, it is free.
Create your own RunGo Account.
Click 'Groups' at the bottom right, search for FitRoutes, you'll see the groups for our Urban, Rural and Trail routes.
Click 'Follow' and these FitRoutes Groups will now appear in the 'My Groups' section of your RunGo app.
You can now view the individual FitRoutes and you are ready for your first adventure!
Top Tips
If your RunGo app loses signal during your adventure, don't panic! Simply restart the app and it should pick up where it left off. 
If you are running low on phone battery, the RunGo app will use less power if you turn off the screen and just listen to the directions.
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