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Hiking in Nature



Please look around this site and use the FIND A FREE FITROUTE menu tab at the top to explore our different routes and to choose a route you'd like to explore. There you will find our three different categories of routes: URBAN FITROUTES situated in towns; RURAL FITROUTES located in villages; and TRAIL FITROUTES which take you into the countryside. There are seven different FitRoutes in each cateogry. 

On each FitRoute's page you' will see the following information for that particular route:


Next to the this Start icon you will see where the route starts out from.


If you are travelling by car next to this 'P' icon you can find out where the best place to park is. 

bus stop.jfif

If you are travelling by bus next to this Bus Stop icon you can find out where buses stop near to the start point. Clicking on the Bus Stop icon will take you to the local bus company website to help you find a suitable bus.

Next to this What3Words icon you will find the What3Words for the exact start point of the route. If you haven't used the app before then please see the What3Words area of this website to find out more details.


This is the RunGo icon. On each route page clicking on it will take you to the RunGo website and allow you to see where the route will take you. More information about this app can be found on the RunGo section of this website.


Clicking on this signpost icon allows you to download a GPX file of the route. 


This printer icon allows you to open a printable version of the FitRoute to take along with you on your adventure.

Please also take time to read the 'Your Safety on the Routes' section of our website to make sure you are suitably prepared for your adventure. 

Hiking in Nature
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We hope you enjoy getting out and exploring our lovely FitRoutes. Please tag us on social media, so we can share in your adventures #FitRoutes #adventureiseverywhere

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